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Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009- The year i will not sit idle!!

Well here comes my (usually-forgotten-in-a-blink) list of to-do's for the spanking new year:

  • Join in a lending library and brush up the cobwebs which have settled on my reading habit.
  • Lose atleast 10 kgs. Well i had termed that as high priority even in last year's list. Maybe for starters this year i'll atleast swipe away the layer of cobwebs and dust that has settled on the cross trainer at home. (now that is an improvement!)
  • Keep track of all expenses at home. Maybe it'll help me figure out where all the money goes by the month end.
  • Do a bit more of complex cooking. I almost always stick to the basic 'thorans' and 'upperis'. Adding a sub point here: Have to learn how to clean a fish (i suffer from fishophobia when about to clean it but surprisingly never when eating it!!)
  • Control my temper better and check my tongue more. I really can be nasty when i am mad at someone.
  • Learn to love my job and accept the fact that hikes, bonuses and promotions are non-existent entities like Santa Claus and the Toothfairy. In times of layoffs and depromotions i am pretty happy to have a job to grumble about.

Sheewww.... thats not too bad. Lets see how things go on and i promise (really truly.... finger crossed) to never make a list of resolutions if i cant keep atleast half of them.


  1. kunjootteee, ee paranjathil ethenkilum nadakkum ennu ninakku thopnnunnundo??????????10 kg kurakkal,paachakam...kollaam.... :)

  2. oru samshayam chodikkatte?ninte pokkam kaaranam aano ee bloginu kunjootty ennu perittathu?;)