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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going Potty

This weekend I tried my hand at pottery...... I mean real pot-making.. Thats me below making a small clay pot from wet clay on a potter's wheel.
It seems to be coming out ok.
Oopss... it came off onto my fingers... :-P
Fingering the sticky stuff......
Somehow I managed to repair it and get back to the wheel rotating part...
Ok I admit its not an absolute masterpiece to look at. But for a first timer its not at all too bad I think :->


  1. going 'potty'...i mean our malayalam potty.....did u really mean it....hhhiihihihihi..aiyooo...hiihii

  2. @vipin: huuu huu huuu... podo!! :-P

  3. i shud have been there to give the proper comment on it.. how can i judge by seeing only the comparatively good pics u put. who knows wat all u made in between them... hehe...

    anyways anukuttandae aadya udhyamam nannayirikkunnu... atleast made this small pot, that anyone can recognize as pot. :-)

    hearing this don't go and try anything big next time, to waste more mud of the poor farmers. ;-)

  4. subject line kandappo njaan vere enthokkeyo vicharichu ..hmmm

  5. kollam!!!but where did u go to get this done? just curious!!!

  6. recessionte kaalathu oru kaithozhil padikkunnathu nallathaaa.... :)

  7. Anumol,
    When I read the subject line I thought Oh God! what is it?? Then when i see the photographs with your creative activity. Umm.. good.. I know you are very creative.. and this is really a good try..!! i can see it in the end result! at least first try, that shape you got.. wonderful..
    - Vellimma

  8. ninte thalamanda pole thanne pollayaaya oru kalam.... :)

  9. Indeed surprised to c ur this sort of interest. Anyways ... Kollaam!!!!!