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Friday, November 03, 2017

Thor : Ragnarok - Trying too hard to be funny

I just came out of Thor: Ragnarok and the fight sequence music is still ringing in my ears!! That is the exact same music I hear in my head before I blow my top at anyone so I definitely identified with that 😄😄 

Writing a review about movies in the MCU is getting harder because they are becoming more like pieces of a big puzzle than a stand alone movie. So for someone who does not follow the MCU diligently this might be a let down. Because almost all the contrived jokes, hulk moments and loki-thor banter all reference previous movies and The Avengers. So you would not get any of that and it would fall plain flat for you. 

For MCU enthusiasts, 
-The biggest fault of this movie is that its basically trying too hard to be funny. Instead of throwing in thr jokes organically but now its more in-your-face. They were trying to make it more like the Guardians but ended up just bouncing of zingers as the second part of the ones in the Avengers. 
- Cate Blanchett as Hela is the best villain so far in the MCU. They should replace sedantry Thanos with Hela.. thats my 2 bits. She is really impressive in the very soft spoken, evil menacing way Meryl Streep played Miranda Priestly in The Devil wears Prada. A villain who whispers but chills you to your bones.
- It is the best Thor movie. But thats not saying much as the character didnt do very well as stand alone. MCU Thor is a team player.
- Hulk who used to understand one word dialogue like "Smash" "Attack", is now well on his way to an MA in English Literature!! 
- Valkyrie should have gotten more screen time and action sequences. She became an after thought by the end. 
- The BG score is really good and great music selection. 
- Ideis Elba as Himedall NEEDS TO/WANTS TO / HAS TO get more screentime and his character cannot be just a few minutes!!! That was my takeaway from the other two Thor movies and the same happened here also! 
- Dr Strange does not have much to do storywise and does not push the narrative forward. But I think Strange and Thor maybe be connected in the Infinity War movies, so this might have been like getting their introduction out of the way.  Dr Strange really seems to have grown into his own and he seems well on his way to becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. Cant wait to see his part in the next Avengers movie. 

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Fat.... or Not?!?!?

 Today I was fat-shamed in my office. Today, on Women's day of all days in the year! And I realized something just out of the blue. Truly, women are their own worst enemy, we don't need men to put us down. No, they don't shame us and stamp all over us as well and as thoroughly as other women do. 
 I have never been a skinny person per say mid sized or "healthy" as gossipy aunties would say. But there was a time in college when I was literally just skin and bones. That was mostly due to bad hostel food and the pressures of being in the fag end of college life and the stress of facing the big bad world without a job in hand. That was not what I would call happy times. But once I got started in my career and got married I started piling on the pounds. Fast forward to two kids later, and I have a weight scale that is under considerable strain, very low self esteem and massive image issues. 
 Then a year back I got a job in a very fashion conscious office at a premier fashion retailer. Here I found a friend who has grown into a best friend and shes an awesome fashion scrounging partner and combined with that I had a free rein to revamp my entire wardrobe choices with my office being situated right in the retail heart of a major city. I was a new person altogether image-wise. Gone were the loose button down shirts and floppy loose boot-cut jeans. I took pride in my new choices and got many compliments. Finally I had regained a bit of my confidence and then today happened. 
 The lady just pointed at my thighs and told me "are you on a diet? (No) If you are then it definitely is not working out. You should start eating salads or go on a juice diet. But in your case I doubt that would help. That's what happens when you love to eat." I just pictured my self confidence take on a blue tinged liquid form and I imagined it swirling down a tub drain slowly.... slowly.... painfully. 
 Then I marched out of my office and bought myself a large chocolate brownie base vanilla ice cream and decided that the best moment in my life is licking my spoon, crunching on the cone and waiting for the very last bite of this cone. The tip where there would be a piece of solid chocolate. That last bite and the happiness it brings me is what gives me the strength to ignore all the cruel people who just cannot bear to put forth basic decency to other people. ..... but lets be truthful... I really truly actually wish lightning would strike her dead in the spot shes standing right now!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Women's Day.... for what actually??

There is one question that bothering me ever since I first heard the term Women's Day! Why is the world waiting for Women's Day to celebrate womanhood? Do we need a "special day" to celebrate something that is one part of the human race. The more important half if you ask me. Celebrating womanhood has always felt like patronizing women to me! Come on everybody... lets celebrate the women in our life and give her flowers today treat her to something special today and then its back to the very same situation the next day. Nothing changes. Not one small thing. Nothing changes for the woman who was ready to receive those flowers and be treated special today! And why don't we come to that realization? Instead of posting sappy hallmark card/ FB status/ Tweet worthy dialogues out into the world and tagging the ladies in your life in that post, actually for a change try doing something for them daily. Learn to make a cup of tea for yourself, wash the dishes for her after dinner. One small action daily that can help ease the burden on the woman in your life. They actually really don't care about the flower you get them on this one day in a year, if they seem happy about it them trust me they just got swept up in all the marketing circus that is all our social media fueled lives!

Women are not the fragile flowers that men want to believe we are. If we have the power to create life, then we have to power to turn you to dust also. Don't laugh!! We really do. It really is our secret superpower although many women don't realize it (that's why its called secret superpower). Just imagine one day you wake up and the woman in your life is not there. How would you react to that situation? I can tell you one thing if that question was reversed, women would score much higher. Its not how you would react to that situation its how you pick up the pieces of your life after the world shatters around you and how you would troop on forward. We see blood monthly. We are not scared of this! We transform ourselves many times in our life its just a matter of time before that woman is reborn again. 

Stop patronizing the woman in your life! Its the very least you can do to celebrate "Women's Day" !!

....and if you really want to get her flowers make sure they come in a pot and don't die in two days time!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

GOE - 5 Palli-kalkku Palathum Pattum!!

2 Maavin thai nattu….vithukal vaanghichathil,vellariyum vendaykkayum vithykaan petiiyilaaa !!

Saghaavu saleeesh and familyey kandu…santhoshichu…food adichu….pakshey ...vruthathil aayathu kondu onnnu koodan pettiyilaaa !!

Sabarimala …mookambika…parashinikadavu poyi…..palani pooovan petiyilaaa !!

Bangalore poyi…..again n again n again coimbatore povaan pettiyilaa !!

After long…..SVC ( Shan)yey kandu….but this time also washimney kannan pettiyillaa !!

As usual…rajeevineyum and shilpeyeym kandu…and as usual bangaloruril vechu durguviney kannan pettiyilaa !!

Salt and pepper kandu ( padam super ) pakshey chaapa kurishu kannan pettiyilaa !!
Kupikal kurey kondu poyi....pakshye 2 ennam polum theerkan pettiyillaaa !!
Giri mondey veetil ..salee mondey veetil poyi….sorry appaacha n james…saruchechiyey & soumya chechyey vilikaan pettiyillaaa !!

Achu….chinghu….cheeka..sreekutyy…meeenu…unnikuutan…maalu…shambu…akku…ooooh…naatilenghum unnikaludey bahalam….
pakshey vendtara samayam unniesindey koodye spend cheyann pettiyilaa !!
Raining keralaa...aaaah.....paranjriyikaan pettillaa....boootifullloo....boootifulll....eppo ethokey asswadhikunnu..
naatil ullappool ethindoyonum vila arriyan pettiyillla !!
Finally in kuwait....waiting for the next vacation....pettathahokey palisha adakan pettikanam next time....hihhihi...again waiting for the
next vacation...vacation...vacation...3 tharam.

Idhehathinte ee cherukadha ezhuthu ee emailoodee kaavyaathmakam aayii thudangiyirikkunnuu...... ithokke sahikunna najngale okke.. "poo"ittu alla "poo" paranju poojikkanam... alley ;-)

Ithinonnum pandu pattiyillaa pattunnillaa ennu paadi nadanna idehathinu ippo palathum pattunundu... (Kayyadi to Kala Master) 

P.A.Lee-yude udanee irangaanu irikkunaa krithiyude peru ee aduthu idayaayi adheham velipedithiyittundu... 
"Oru Palliyum Oru Puliyum". Travelogue aanennu paranju. Che Gueveraye pattiyulla "Motocycle Diaries" vaayichu haram moothu oru puli-ye vaalinu pidichu bike-me kettii pokunnaathine pattiyullaa kadhayaanu polum.

Shesham comments-il :-)

Monday, September 12, 2016

GOE-4 Oru Feature Future Onam

Does you all have still onam blues running around in your mind ?
eeehmm....yes i do your honour....for this onam i really thought of something and something made me pen it down too...
Salee is rocking with nostalgia seriies ....n with all your premission let me give you all my version of same...THE FUTUREOLGIA... ( attached along )
No other way..eniku ethokey ezhuthanum ...type cheythu aaykanum ninghal maamthramye sahichey pettu...
I dnt know if all of u can get time to read it...even if it takes one year to do so...pls do it...i wld be happy to hear a few comments on my efforts...
the truth is am dying hard or waiting to see u all..unlike u all who meet in regular intervals..
..n as u all know...'njhan ellaveryum snehichu poyi'.hahhahaa
my eliya writing sambhavana to ghadies...dedicated to my aathmiya gurus in writing - Salee kannakulanghara and Anu new jersy muku....

Love u all...P.A. Lee ( thulika naamam )

(P.A.Lee yude cheru kadha attachment aayi kittathavar enne watsapp cheyyanam)
Shesham email-il :-) 

Wish you all my dears a very happy and properous Onam 
nammude koode ee lokathu ullavarkkum illathaavarkkum vendi nammal  santhoshamaayi irikkanam eppozhum!! nammalkkulathokke aagrahichum athinu vendi praarthichum jeevikkunnaa orupaadu perunudu ee lokathu.... ullathu kondu Onam ennulla dialogue atheennu vannathaavum.... alley?? 

Friday, September 02, 2016

GOE-3 - UDF Potti


Peetii Petti Ballattu Petti....
Petti Thurannapool UDF Pottti,,,,,

Jai Jai LDF.....
                 da satyamaayumm i want to b there... U know like as
every election tody also i didnt go anywhere and hear the news,,,Am too
happpy... I called to brhter and he called me..otherwise what we can
do happy Prakadnam,,,no Zindaabaad.... My chitta
called and all r happy..
Keral become the Reall RED FORT now....
       Giri..did u remebr our Raveenrdan Mashu near our SKVc ?? he
helped u to preapre the semnar... he become the MLA....
     Am really happy mind s n kerala///  All u go to
chandrettans tea shop and have Kattan Chaya, Parippu Vada and Dinesh
Beedi its n my account.....
 Da life s going with radio TV n room...There s a hot
news...I got the Intervew n Mearsk.,...First they call and a aptitude
test like as kuttosan and maayyavi....
 then they give some words and we can tick whiec s match to us...
some words r famileir with me..those which i tick..i got that test and
go for the next days test also..HR tell my characher and nature as a
fortune teller....
 what amn life s going...i can give a good news soon...
so take care
need mails...
i vl b n chat u just send a sms...k

Kazhinja thavana LDF jayicha election samayathu irangiya email aanu ithu. 
achumaaman vannu... poyi...
umman vannu.... aarokke thummiyittum therikkathe pidichu ninnu.... ippo poyi...
ippo ithaa veendum LDF vannu! pinaraayi vannu! 
Iniyengillum vallathum sheriyaayaal mathi....!! 
sheriyaakum sheriyaakaathirikkillaa....  ennokkeeyyaanu ellaayidathum poster ottichirikkunathu. 
Pinne kudumbathu LDF sthanarthi undegilum communist nethavinte perakuttiyaannegilum pillerre peridaan guruvaayoor thanne kondu pokanam. Thalayeduppodee.... 
(annu samaram undakunathalla!) 

Shesham comments-il :-)

Monday, August 29, 2016

GOE-2 - Prasava Shushrooshahooshsha

Pandoru garbhakalathu..... ;-)

We are waiting to change ur name from *DurgaMBA to DurgaMMA*....

Dont forget to follow these every day....
Thengin Pooookula Lehyam -  After & Before food  2 Table Spoon
Ullly Lehyam                      -            - Do -
Green Mangoes                  -  1 per day
***Masala Dosah & ice cream  -  As per ur capasity..
Badam & Cashew nuts        -  1 pideee
1 Glass cow milk with Kunguma pooo & Thaka Basam -  Before Sleep..

Pls note : Alwys be happy & smily and think only good things ---

Latest news from NASA: If Mamma is interstingly do something baby also
have the same interest..
            If You listen music alwys, we can send him/her to Idea Start
singer and get the votes..
            If You do dancing alwys, we can send him/her to Thaga Thi Mi..

   My dear if you interstingly having food alwys.....  we can send him/her
to Anu's** home...  no other way....

**Having Anus Aviyal, Jumu is changed food from home to restaurent.
****One doubt : Y all pregnent ladies are asking masala Dosa and green
mangoes???   any one can answer.. pls use censored words.

[No Oppu.... we all know who will write all  this :-) ]

-Ee Emailil parayunna kuttikku ippo 8 1/2 vayasaayi. 

-Ee Emailil immaathiri potta upadesham supply cheytha aalkaarude bharyamaar ithonnum follow cheyaathathu karanam ivarkkokkee ippo 1-2 kuttikal veetham aayi. 

-Ee Email-ile avasana chodyathinu innum utharam kittiyittillaa avasarathil avarude bhaaryamaarkku parayaam.... "ningalkku masala dosa thinnaanum green maangoo thinnaannum thonniyirunno? thonniyirunengil vaangichu thannirunno?" ente thalakku ithiri soyryavum, idakki bathroom-il pokaathe oru ara  manikoor nerathe urakkavum maathramaanu njan aagrahichittullu! ningalo? 

-Ee Emailil parayunna aviyal-ine meen aviyal aakki maattiyappol njan angane ammeeriikkaa-yilum ethi pettu!! :-) 

Shesham comments-il :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

GOE-1 Dubai The Land Of Gold

9 varsham munpu oru email Inbox-il.......

Dubai...   The Land of Gold...
               The Land of Petrol and Money..
               The Land of Freedom and Safe...
               The Land of Diamond and Pearl.....
People have more and more comment on this land due to their own expereiences..
Dubai makes some one in good hights,.,.so can v tell this land s a heven???
Dubai make some one n wells also.. so can v tel this land s the hell..????

No //we cant..its called the luck... Yes this land s the luck of people who searching their luck here,....
Me..Titu... The last luck hunter Giri also reached here to search for the same luck...

Unfortunalty..or fortunatly...He didnt like here.. He dont want to contiue the young blood here...

As GHADIES took the spirit to take him to this land. I have to say some thing on this ....
                Before leaving India, I adviced and give the full picture of Dubai...
Akkaare Nilkkumbol Ekkkare Pacha... and from TV shows he saw the big snaps of Dubai...

According to me.. He didnt tried that much to get a job as we have done ...
He didnt tooko efforts to get a job here....
Am not blaming him..this is his taste,, his interset.. I know Giri have good future good vision.. he is expecting more hights.. the career... Surely he vl get it ....  

V wishing all the best and success to giri...

If he telling once more to come here .. Surely v vl B here,..
GHADIES vl b with u to take next Visa.. so dont get tensioned...

Whn giri come here, he didnt put a mail to GHADIEs.. he vl fly today night..
HOpe he vl reply from back to his own land Banagalore///

U know Mr. Alexander.. the gr8 Roman King..          not the name of the bottle..
N his last time some one asked .. y r u very cool n this last time also..
He simply replied..
Whn i come to this earth i dint bring any thing...
Whn am going from here also am not bringig any thing...

same like whn v come to dubai.. v r not bringing anything...
Whn v going from here also we are not brining anything....

Whn v y bye to dubai.. v vl loose the age,, the life... everything...
Giri understood that... dats y he s escaping., rest all of us still digging to get the GOLD....

Love u alll...

-Ee email ezhuthiya mahaan innale Burj Al Arab-il irunnu oru lemon juice "naranga vellam" kudikkunna 3 photo lokathinte pala bhagathekkum pullikkaarande iPhone-innu watsapp cheythu. 

-Ee email-il Dubai vittu poyi ennu parayunna aalu oru Abu Dhabikaariye kalyanam kazhichu avide parambu vaangichu veedu vachu ennu kettoo. 

-Ee email vaayicha oraalu polum ippo naatil illaa. Sakshaal gafoorkkaa dosthukkal aayi, ippo naattil aarkkum vendaatha Ray Ban glassesum Quality Street mittayi pettiyum aayittu ellaa varshavum maveli varunnathinu thottu munpu onnu vannu pokum! Athra thanne!!! 

-Ee email-inte thudakkathile "Dubai" enna kavithakku shesham kavi pinne aa pena chalippichittilla..... vadha bheeshani pala sthalathunnum kitti enna oru apasruthi kettirunnu..... ;-)

Shesham comments box-il :-)

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Coffee Muffins

Coffee the one thing that can brighten up a lousy morning and muffins are the one thing that can perk me up anytime :-) so last weekend I decided to whip up a batch of coffee muffins good enough to satisfy the cake-a-holic in me!

1.5 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 stick of butter (soft at room temp)
1 cup milk
3 eggs
1.5 tsp of baking powder
1 tbsp of instant coffee powder

1. Preheat oven to 350 deg.
2. In a large bowl, mix together the flour and baking powder and sugar with a fork.
3. Separate the yellows and whites of the 3 eggs into 2 bowls.
4. Beat the egg yellows, butter until light yellow in color.
5. Mix the milk and instant coffee until well dissolved.
6. Beat the egg whites until light and fluffy.
7. Mix everything except the egg whites together in the large bowl until smooth.
8. Slowly fold in the egg whites with a large spoon or spatula until whole mixture is combined.
9. Butter the muffin tin and dust with flour.
10. Pour out 1 the mixture into the muffin/cupcake tin and bake for 20 min at 350 deg.

I know.... it doesnt look too great.... that because my photography skills suck.... but I can promise you the muffin packs a powerful coffee punch!!  :-)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Amazon and its Store

Amazon opened its first physical retail store on Nov 1st and I think CEO Jeff Bezos was the only person who knew about it..... for that was the amount of shock that was heard all around in the literary circles. No one saw it coming. Today, after 22 days of its opening,  it looked like a quaint little brick building just sitting there waiting for customers. Till last week there was a mile long queue around the block to get inside the bookstore (when has that ever happened!?!?!) and since the building permit allowed only 150 people inside at once, there was an employee waiting outside to count and accommodate your group inside like one would do at a very popular restaurant on a weekend.

On entering, there is only one question we first think of..... WHY?Why come back to books? Why a bookstore? Why now? Why are the books in the store arranged like this? Why hasn't this happened before? Why does things have to be different for them? Why this location? Sure Amazon started off as an online book retailer but now they have established their world presence in being able to sell anything and everything you can stick a bar code on. They have the means and methods to open up a store like Costco or Walmart or maybe even a swanky eye-catching store in an exclusive and prestigious location.

The most striking thing about the bookstore is the fact that it pays homage to a book's cover rather than the spine. Books are arranged face forward with a 1 inch distance between each of them. The books do not touch each other!! That in itself is so different because we do not buy books from a website by looking only at its spine right? It's because they took notice of that fact and realized we have the habit of appreciating a books front cover more online, than in a real bookstore and they are calling us out on it. The location is also a very smart choice because of the easy access to the college crowd. They are the ones who would be shaping our near future and college is an time where one is the most open minded to fresh ideas; also they are the ones with the most brutally honest opinions and faster moving learning curves. If a new concept does not appeal to them then it is a universally lost cause.

The store contains ONLY 4.5-5 star Amazon rated books which are available on the Amazon website, along with small review cards that are printed with one line reviews that were originally posted on the website. The books are arranged on shelves as "Goodreads Finalists of 2014", 'Most highly rated YA books on", "Books added the most on Amazon Wishlists in 2015" etc. There were a very few shelves arranged subject wise like "Cooking" and "History". I almost expected the next shelf to have a title "Books recommended based on your previous purchase history" ;-)

While I was looking at a few books I saw a one with a matte finish white cover and a thick black border, also with a review card below it.... on a second glance it wasnt a book at all.... it was a Kindle hidden among the books. They were placed among the books on random shelves, just waiting there unassumingly to take us by surprise. Maybe the goal was to create a feeling that they were not much different from books? Or to send out a subtle message that books and smart readers can co-exist? Or just to remind us of their ever growing importance in the book world and rub our "book-smell" seeking noses in it?
Major chains like Barnes and Noble who even have an e-reader called Nook to compete with Amazon's Kindle, are struggling to keep stores open. But why did it not occur to them to arrange their store like this? And that is why Amazon was the industry game changer and will continue to be so. A visit to the "Amazon Books" store is not your run-of-the-mill bookstore or library experience. It is a real life manifestation of how the Amazon website would have looked like if it had an actual physical form.
IF it works, then this is the first step towards the future of shopping!!

I found this little gem in between.... it made me laugh out loudly!!

NO, I do not care about the 2400 5-star reviews; I am not buying this book for my kids!!
They plan to make us buy more even during checkout!

Apparently the only item in the entire store without a review yet is Amazon's latest Kindle Fire Kids Edition which was released on Oct 30th'15.