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Thursday, August 25, 2016

GOE-1 Dubai The Land Of Gold

9 varsham munpu oru email Inbox-il.......

Dubai...   The Land of Gold...
               The Land of Petrol and Money..
               The Land of Freedom and Safe...
               The Land of Diamond and Pearl.....
People have more and more comment on this land due to their own expereiences..
Dubai makes some one in good hights,.,.so can v tell this land s a heven???
Dubai make some one n wells also.. so can v tel this land s the hell..????

No //we cant..its called the luck... Yes this land s the luck of people who searching their luck here,....
Me..Titu... The last luck hunter Giri also reached here to search for the same luck...

Unfortunalty..or fortunatly...He didnt like here.. He dont want to contiue the young blood here...

As GHADIES took the spirit to take him to this land. I have to say some thing on this ....
                Before leaving India, I adviced and give the full picture of Dubai...
Akkaare Nilkkumbol Ekkkare Pacha... and from TV shows he saw the big snaps of Dubai...

According to me.. He didnt tried that much to get a job as we have done ...
He didnt tooko efforts to get a job here....
Am not blaming him..this is his taste,, his interset.. I know Giri have good future good vision.. he is expecting more hights.. the career... Surely he vl get it ....  

V wishing all the best and success to giri...

If he telling once more to come here .. Surely v vl B here,..
GHADIES vl b with u to take next Visa.. so dont get tensioned...

Whn giri come here, he didnt put a mail to GHADIEs.. he vl fly today night..
HOpe he vl reply from back to his own land Banagalore///

U know Mr. Alexander.. the gr8 Roman King..          not the name of the bottle..
N his last time some one asked .. y r u very cool n this last time also..
He simply replied..
Whn i come to this earth i dint bring any thing...
Whn am going from here also am not bringig any thing...

same like whn v come to dubai.. v r not bringing anything...
Whn v going from here also we are not brining anything....

Whn v y bye to dubai.. v vl loose the age,, the life... everything...
Giri understood that... dats y he s escaping., rest all of us still digging to get the GOLD....

Love u alll...

-Ee email ezhuthiya mahaan innale Burj Al Arab-il irunnu oru lemon juice "naranga vellam" kudikkunna 3 photo lokathinte pala bhagathekkum pullikkaarande iPhone-innu watsapp cheythu. 

-Ee email-il Dubai vittu poyi ennu parayunna aalu oru Abu Dhabikaariye kalyanam kazhichu avide parambu vaangichu veedu vachu ennu kettoo. 

-Ee email vaayicha oraalu polum ippo naatil illaa. Sakshaal gafoorkkaa dosthukkal aayi, ippo naattil aarkkum vendaatha Ray Ban glassesum Quality Street mittayi pettiyum aayittu ellaa varshavum maveli varunnathinu thottu munpu onnu vannu pokum! Athra thanne!!! 

-Ee email-inte thudakkathile "Dubai" enna kavithakku shesham kavi pinne aa pena chalippichittilla..... vadha bheeshani pala sthalathunnum kitti enna oru apasruthi kettirunnu..... ;-)

Shesham comments box-il :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Game Of Emails

Innonnum illa 😜 Naale undaavum 😄😀😀
Marakkanda... barber maarkku ozhivulla divasavum prethangal purathirangunna divasavum (chovvayum, velliyum) 👍🏻

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Coffee Muffins

Coffee the one thing that can brighten up a lousy morning and muffins are the one thing that can perk me up anytime :-) so last weekend I decided to whip up a batch of coffee muffins good enough to satisfy the cake-a-holic in me!

1.5 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 stick of butter (soft at room temp)
1 cup milk
3 eggs
1.5 tsp of baking powder
1 tbsp of instant coffee powder

1. Preheat oven to 350 deg.
2. In a large bowl, mix together the flour and baking powder and sugar with a fork.
3. Separate the yellows and whites of the 3 eggs into 2 bowls.
4. Beat the egg yellows, butter until light yellow in color.
5. Mix the milk and instant coffee until well dissolved.
6. Beat the egg whites until light and fluffy.
7. Mix everything except the egg whites together in the large bowl until smooth.
8. Slowly fold in the egg whites with a large spoon or spatula until whole mixture is combined.
9. Butter the muffin tin and dust with flour.
10. Pour out 1 the mixture into the muffin/cupcake tin and bake for 20 min at 350 deg.

I know.... it doesnt look too great.... that because my photography skills suck.... but I can promise you the muffin packs a powerful coffee punch!!  :-)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Amazon and its Store

Amazon opened its first physical retail store on Nov 1st and I think CEO Jeff Bezos was the only person who knew about it..... for that was the amount of shock that was heard all around in the literary circles. No one saw it coming. Today, after 22 days of its opening,  it looked like a quaint little brick building just sitting there waiting for customers. Till last week there was a mile long queue around the block to get inside the bookstore (when has that ever happened!?!?!) and since the building permit allowed only 150 people inside at once, there was an employee waiting outside to count and accommodate your group inside like one would do at a very popular restaurant on a weekend.

On entering, there is only one question we first think of..... WHY?Why come back to books? Why a bookstore? Why now? Why are the books in the store arranged like this? Why hasn't this happened before? Why does things have to be different for them? Why this location? Sure Amazon started off as an online book retailer but now they have established their world presence in being able to sell anything and everything you can stick a bar code on. They have the means and methods to open up a store like Costco or Walmart or maybe even a swanky eye-catching store in an exclusive and prestigious location.

The most striking thing about the bookstore is the fact that it pays homage to a book's cover rather than the spine. Books are arranged face forward with a 1 inch distance between each of them. The books do not touch each other!! That in itself is so different because we do not buy books from a website by looking only at its spine right? It's because they took notice of that fact and realized we have the habit of appreciating a books front cover more online, than in a real bookstore and they are calling us out on it. The location is also a very smart choice because of the easy access to the college crowd. They are the ones who would be shaping our near future and college is an time where one is the most open minded to fresh ideas; also they are the ones with the most brutally honest opinions and faster moving learning curves. If a new concept does not appeal to them then it is a universally lost cause.

The store contains ONLY 4.5-5 star Amazon rated books which are available on the Amazon website, along with small review cards that are printed with one line reviews that were originally posted on the website. The books are arranged on shelves as "Goodreads Finalists of 2014", 'Most highly rated YA books on", "Books added the most on Amazon Wishlists in 2015" etc. There were a very few shelves arranged subject wise like "Cooking" and "History". I almost expected the next shelf to have a title "Books recommended based on your previous purchase history" ;-)

While I was looking at a few books I saw a one with a matte finish white cover and a thick black border, also with a review card below it.... on a second glance it wasnt a book at all.... it was a Kindle hidden among the books. They were placed among the books on random shelves, just waiting there unassumingly to take us by surprise. Maybe the goal was to create a feeling that they were not much different from books? Or to send out a subtle message that books and smart readers can co-exist? Or just to remind us of their ever growing importance in the book world and rub our "book-smell" seeking noses in it?
Major chains like Barnes and Noble who even have an e-reader called Nook to compete with Amazon's Kindle, are struggling to keep stores open. But why did it not occur to them to arrange their store like this? And that is why Amazon was the industry game changer and will continue to be so. A visit to the "Amazon Books" store is not your run-of-the-mill bookstore or library experience. It is a real life manifestation of how the Amazon website would have looked like if it had an actual physical form.
IF it works, then this is the first step towards the future of shopping!!

I found this little gem in between.... it made me laugh out loudly!!

NO, I do not care about the 2400 5-star reviews; I am not buying this book for my kids!!
They plan to make us buy more even during checkout!

Apparently the only item in the entire store without a review yet is Amazon's latest Kindle Fire Kids Edition which was released on Oct 30th'15.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Avengers : Age of Ultron

The Avengers : Age of Ultron is a highly polarizing movie. I say this because there are two kinds of people who watch the Marvel movies and for them the reactions are vastly different - 
1) The hard core comic fans + newbie MCU fans : It is kind of EPIC!! Because its like a very long extended trailer referencing the past 7 yrs and hinting at the next 2 decades!!! They know all the hidden meanings, references and inside jokes!!

2) The people who love a sure shot blockbuster and simply an entertaining action movie : It is just a passable watch because the movie jumps straight into a fast paced and adrenalin pumping scene and continues like that non stop. It can get a bit tiring without much witty comebacks and friendly banter. There is no actual down and dirty fighting but just mind numbing FX generated metal crunching for 2.5 hrs!! I suggest waiting for 'MI4: Rogue Nation' which is already promising to be better than MI3: Ghost Protocol! 


I belong to the first category. Im not a comic fan but I love the cinematic experience and so decided to jump face first into the MCU. I got the movie... I really did... what Joss Whedon was trying to put out but some things just didnt sit well with me : 
1) The HULK is the hulk.... hes a gamma ray exposed traumatised monster with serious anger management issues and an understanding of one word directives 'Smash' or 'Destroy'. He is not supposed to be doing mind calming techniques when hes green and romancing the Black Widow as Bruce Banner!! His lip lock was the most awkward and ill timed thing in the movie. 
2) There were only 8 smartass one liners (yes! i was counting) and hardly any of the friendship building witty comebacks and scenes that made the first movie such a remarkably entertaining hit!! Here the characters are all already established and all of them are in the midst of fighting their own battles. 
3) AI means not only Artificial Intelligence but also an alarmingly sadistic and sarcasm filled interpretation of Tony Stark's and Darwin's theory of evolution!! 
4) Robert Downey Jr is starting to show his age despite somehow managing to maintaining his physical upkeep.

Few other points :
1) The person I liked the most was Hawkeye. I know its surprising.... but its true... I hope he gets his own movie someday.
2) Captain America is still the BEST!! Someone please explain to me why Chris Evans isn't number one on the sexiest man on earth list!!!
3) Showing the actual Hulk to Bruce Banner transformation was pretty cool!! 
4) Please tell me Quicksilver is not dead... !! I bet Fury is going to inject him with some GH325 serum and turn him into an Inhuman. 
5) Its already pretty over crowded here and I cant imagine how Avengers : Infinity War (1&2) is going to look like! 
6) I cant wait to see how Agents of SHIELD is gng to play out in the season 2 finale. 

Scene at home last week; precisely 24th April after the FDFS show at Bangalore when a friend posted his review on FB......
Me : (Screeching loudly and shocked about being ignorant about the early worldwide except US release) "How in >¥*#%*>€¥# Gods everloving name did it release in India this week... a whole week ahead of the frigging US of A!!!! Thats the whole point of living here right?!?!"
My Signigicant Other : "Ultoon??" whats that?!?!? 
Im just going to pretend he didnt say that....! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Premam - Aluva puzhayude

Movie - Premam
Music Director - Rajesh Murugesan
Singer - Vineeth Sreenivasan

Vineeth Sreenivasan has a very distinct and awesome type of voice. KJ Yesudas, MG Sreekumar, Jayachandran, Venugopal and Unni  Menon are all the truly greats, but I call his voice awesome specifically due to the fact that its the type of voice that seems like an everyday person singing and makes any song he sings so easily relatable to. His voice makes us think "oh! sure even I sound just like that!" and we sing along with his songs even the first time we hear it, although howling and braying might be adjectives closer to reality!!

Here's yet another absolutely simple song that brings about memories of the times when we were truly in the grips of the hearts and flowers world of new puppy love!

Aluva puzhayude theerathu  aarorumillaa nerathu
thannanam thenni thenni theedi varunnoru maarghazhi kaattu
poomara kombin chaarathu poomanam veehshum nerathu
thannanam thenni thenni theedi vannoru painkili kaattu

Parayathe palliyil vachen karalil keri olichavale
pathivaayi pala pala vattam mansil choolamadichavale
adhyamaayi ullilnulll pootha poovallee
sammatham thannal ninnee thaali ketti kondu povillee

Friday, October 03, 2014

Neeyillaathe - Tamaar Padaar

A cute song from the movie "Tamaar Padaar" : The scenes show an innocent guy Cross Belt Mani played by Chemban Vinod following Valsamma played by Srinda Ashab around town declaring his love.

neeyillaathe jeevitham vendaa pennee vendaa
marupakuthiyithennum neeyalle
oodi pokum kaattile kodimazha maathri enne nee
thanichaakkidalle ingane
njanum neeyum chernaal paalum thenum pole madhurithamaayi
ilaki ozhukum oru puzhayaayi nirayumivide
neeyillaathe jeevitham vendaa ponee vendaa
marupakuthiyithennum neeyalle

neeyendee ullil pandee koodonnu koottiyathallee
pokaam ithengu pokaan
oru nizhalaayi mazhayil veyilil pirake alayum
enne kandaal enthinee kalla kopam ponee
vidivezhuthana kanni poomeene

ninoodu cherukayallaathilonnum ashichathillaa
doore oroolam pole akalaruthe
nirayumirulil marayaruthee aruthe
neeyillaathe enthinee raavum pakalum pennee
marupakuthiyithennum neeyalle
oodi pokum kaattile kodimazha maathri enne nee
thanichaakkidalle ingane
njanum neeyum chernaal paalum thenum pole madhurithamaayi
ilaki ozhukum oru puzhayaayi nirayumivide
neeyillaathe jeevitham vendaa pennee vendaa
marupakuthiyithennum neeyalle

Music Direction : Bijibal
Lyrics : Rafeeq Ahammed

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I'm just me... and i'm looking forward!!

I'm always looking forward... not to the future, not the other bank where the grass is always greener, not into the neigbours house to try and keep up with the Joneses; just looking straight ahead to see the direction in which I am moving and occassionally looking down to make sure I am not stepping into a pothole to trip up or a trap to get stuck in. In the small and big strides I take in my walk forward I'm always careful not to trample and tread over others on my way forward. I just side step issues I am not too fond of and occassionally brush aside annoying and hurtful people. I don't have a clear future path or action plan I need to execute in order to achieve a particular future goal. I just take the decision for the best action in the current situation I am in. But one thing I always do is leave a door open for a possible unexpected escape route to minimise my losses in case of an unexpected hitch in my path forward. Dont blame me for being like this its just the way I am wired its not something I became over night and I personally dont hold a torch for anybody who just chooses to judge me without being in my shoes or even thinking from my perspective.
I'm just me... wether you like it or not ....let me just be me!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ABCD - American Born Confused Desi

Went for ABCD yest. Dulquer Salman really is a guy to watch out for. Confidence and poise is what this guy really stands out for and great comic timing! And theres one thing he has, which his dad can only dream of.... being nimble and light footed! He dances like a dream and is great at fight sequences... unlike Mammootty whose feet are made up of lead!

Dulquer has the "clueless-smarty-pants-NRI-guy" act down pat. We saw it in Ustad Hotel and we see it here, though the values the two characters stand for are miles apart. Faizi of Ustad Hotel had dreams and a definite vision of where he was headed to. He was only hindered by the fact that his dad saw a different direction for him. Whereas in ABCD, Johns lives for each day and parties away his life which his father has a really hard time steering in the right direction.

Our dear Girigiri from Akkarakazhchakal has done a neat job (acting) as the bumbling sidekick. But even though he is the one authentic US-settled guy in the movie, his absolutely terrible "american accent" with atrocious levels of MTI is the one glaring fault of the movie. It just sticks out like a sore thumb.

I have lost hope for Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli. It is the one place in Bangalore that has not changed or improved an ounce in the past 4 yrs! Alas I am forced to go there as it is closest to my place and all the latest malayalam movies always have a show there.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013..... I'm ready for you !!

Thank you God for a safe 2012!

2013 is going to be a very busy year for us. My family has grown and so has my responsibilities and we are expecting a LOT of changes this year ! Please give us enough patience and fortitude to face all sorts of situations and each other.... and please do remind me to count up to 100 or bite my tongue before I give the person in front of me a piece of my mind !!!

Thats all I want this year... Its not too big a list :-)