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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Are we being ruled or rather stalked by Bollywood?
Lets just take a moment to think about and count the number of times we encounter movie industry people in our daily lives. The answer is innumerable. We have scores of advertisements in front of our eyes wherever we look at; television, posters on walls, ad's on buses, newspapers, magazins, websites, on food packets, juice packets, or any damn item we purchase with money!!! They have even become a necessity element in politics, with half of bollywood contesting for the upcoming elections! In present day India, every single occassion or event has to have a bollywood star in it. It has just become an unavoidable factor!! Isn't there a single field where movies and movie stars are not involved in India??

After movie stars the people who hound us most are the cricket stars, the only rare examples of people not belonging to these 2 categories are maybe the likes of Sania Mirza.
Doesn't India ever get tired of seeing them everywhere? Is there anybody out there who hopes for a change??
And now I have Aamir Khan even telling me to switch off the lights at my home!!! :-P

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  1. Anumol,

    let these stars rule our daily life. I am ok with that..But why they want to enter into politics.Its surely a mismatch..The cricket stars, I hate them more when i see them in advertisements..I like to see kareena kapoor eating biscuits more than sachin!!.Let Amir khan make another remake like Gajni, I love to see that.. but not him in some stupid ad. in sari..see how confused I am..