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Monday, March 23, 2009

Now thats Customer Service!!

A person in Mumbai came across a pretty unique autoricshaw and I got these snaps and descriptions as a forward. So dont know who the lucky customer was!! :-)

Take a look at pic 1- which has got a first aid box on the left and a newspaper box on right (which had all hindi-english-marathi-gujrati and economic times)

Take a look at pic 2- which has got a tv on the top with cable (I was watching colors channel) and below that is the tissue box. On the left is the mandir type stuff and dont miss the "Only gandhigiri" written there, below that is the calendar and a notepad and pen along with a blue fan (which is blowing towards the customer who sits)

Take a look at pic 3- 25% discount for handicap!! Who on this earth can expect somethin like this from an rickshawala yaar!! I spoke to that person and found him so much interesting and creative. He was telling some new stuff he is gonna do more for the customers to be happy.

Well guys, I proclaim that this guy is Bapuji incarnate!! If you ever see a lady lying down in 'shastangam' pose in front of an auto-wallah, u can bet its this guy who might have moved to Bangalore and me in front of him!!! :-)

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