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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new year to look forward to....

After a looong gap, here's saying hello to the new year, my blog and the 3 followers I have ;-) !!

I've been inexcuseably lazy and dormant for the last 6 months and by now everyone must have guessed the reason for it from the ticker that has been running on the blog. Well, it finally seems to be reaching the end; just a couple of weeks more to go! So right now I am in the middle of a whole gamut of emotions and mood swings :-P (lesser the posts the better I would say.... makes me more bearable)

Our new year started out on a cheerful note when my family was blessed with the latest addition to the madpack; My nephew Aaryajeet (born on 6th of Jan) :-)

Now that's my moosambi-kuttan a few minutes into this world!!

Wishing all a happy and safe year ahead, thats all for Jan'10 folks !!

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