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Friday, September 26, 2008

Lesson 'Click' 'Click' !!!

Between me and mum.....
K (Moiself): Amma, Click on the IE icon twice!!
M (Mum): (click)
K: twice mom...
M: ok (click) now it becomes 2 right....
K: not like that... thats 2 clicks... but not twice... its like 2 seperate clicks.... like this (click click)
M: ok (click) 5 sec gap (click)
K: (clickclick)
M: (CLICK)..immediately forced (CLICK) sheeww

K: its not that hard mom... just give two simple clicks..... (click click)
M: (CLICK)hmm...(CLICK)

K: attaa girly mommyyy... (GRITTING TEETH.... FINALLY... GGRRRRR!!!)
K: and no need to hold the mouse so tightly... it wont run away :-P
M: enough..... thats enough for a day...... 'sweat' 'sweat'...

Mom calls up a couple of fellow computer learners {other mothers with kids stuck in the same predicament} to share her clicking experiences withand I'm trying to find my brother whose nowhere to be seen... i guess he ran off tearing out his hair listening to the vocal clicks)
.......and that was just step one of MISSION LAPTOP!!!
(the ultimate aim of which is to teach my mother to use a laptop. Right now she training on our desktop we are saving the lappy from the 'extra' stress.... heheh :-D)

well folks, clicketty click click click for today!!! :-)

Fed up of click-ing your life away??? check out
maybe after all we wont have to suffer THE ATTACK OF THE CLICKS for long.

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  1. good one!!!My brother n I have shared a very similar experience with our parents too :)