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Monday, September 29, 2008

A day and half

Today maybe half the planet has got a fwd chain mail abt the sun rising for 1.5 days. Just take a
moment to look at the possibility of something like that happening??? The earth definitely hasnt
stopped rotating on its axis and same goes for revolving around the sun.... then?? Who's smart idea was this email??? Maybe a pair smarty pants who just wanted to see how fast and how widespread their emails get forwarded :-P

Just a sec before forwarding it... Have you ever given a chain mail a second thought before
forwarding it??? Just try googling the topic just as i did and u will not get a single certified
site stating abt this. Just bloggers blogging abt the very stupidity of the idea.

Ever thought about the number of times you have received the chain mail about the burned child struggling in the hospital in some god forsaken land? which is probably the oldest sob story being forwarded around.
Or about a picture of Jesus or Lord Ganesh who will curse you. didnt know when lord ganapathy took up broadband at his abode so tht he could just check his email and curse up ppl who didnt fwd his snap :-P And heres one from a guy who had the guts to say JESUS
Or about how you can earn in dollars pounds and yens by simply forwarding a message which has started from AOL or MS

my last thought was....are people sooo jobless?? and i found this

never mind....... god help all the forwarders!! :-P

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