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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mammootty's blog

Celebs in Kearala are yet to discover the joys of the phenomenon called blogging. But slowly coming into the spot light... heres the first major malayalee actor to have his own blog.
Mammootty -

Tthe blog layout is neat but both of the postings he has done has nothing to do with the glittery world of celebrity or reel life. Instead he takes this opportunity to air his views and understanding of the 'economic recession' and 'right to vote'; but then that is just what he states in the introduction.

But thinking on another note, every news website, political blog, newspaper and magazine is doing just that. One doesnt need to read even more insights into that from the big stars also. I think he would do better to give his fans a following of his life as a 'star' or maybe a few interesting incidents? Anyway we dont have much 'paparazzi' for him to complain of :-> Mammootty anyway doesnt need a blog to tell his fans that he is Left-oriented. His first post got about 800+ comments out of abt 33000 views .... hmm... not at all bad for a first post. But can do better for a star of his magnitude :->

When going through the comments i saw another celeb blogger. But a hardly known one.. maybe he can borrow a few advertising tricks from his guru.
Heres Rahmans blog :
Hes put in a few posts about his interactions with famous co-stars and directors.

Lets watch out for the next person to jump onto the blogging bandwagon... Mohanlal???? u out there???? :->


  1. kunjootty,
    i agree totally 2 wht u said

    [i]I think he would do better to give his fans a following of his life as a 'star' or maybe a few interesting incidents? [/i]

    as a fan, i wud like 2 c him share more filmi experiences

  2. mammootty def has some political ambitions, hence the blog? maybe. thanks for rahman's blog link.
    lalettan already wrote aseries in manorama. it was excellent - each post had some twist in it :). i think even a book is out now.

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