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Thursday, February 05, 2009


In school a couple of my classmates used to take a method called Loo-ing- A variation of copying. The textbooks/notebooks were kept in the school loos instead of keeping tiny chits hidden all over the pace or risking keeping the book under the desk. Once the question paper has been distributed the student would then ask for a loo-break. Take a peek at all the important points and rush back to jot down everything before it is forgotten all over again. Consequently, an upset stomach is not a rare scene in an exam hall :-D

It seems the Election Commissioner Navin Chawla was also a good hand at Loo-ing at school and maybe college also. But hes special as he managed to perfect the art to be applied into his profession also!!!
This article would bring a smile to anyones face :-) Maybe the Congress leadership can build a new educative loo in their head quarters to further the art and training important people to specialize in it!!

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