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Monday, March 16, 2009

Earth... get ready with EXOSQUAD!!

Being aired every thursday afternoon at 2pm on CH33, EXO-SQUAD was one cartoon which I never ever missed!! It was not at all a girly cartoon and the last one that a person would associate with as girls favourite. But it certainly was mine :-)

The main context was about a major war being fought out between the Homosapiens (humans) and the Neosapiens (living beings created by humans). Humans had gone far enough to create a entire species of 'almost' human beings (only they had blue skin) and how they turned out to be better than humans in every aspect. They even had a bit of guts and a mind of their own to decide that enough was enough about being enslaved by the human race. They then took it upon themselves to exterminate the whole of the human race!! The destiny of the human world was now in the hands of their ultra spcialised human soldiers with robotic suits to fight against them.

Ok, I admit it was only a cartoon and I was only in middle school at that time but still it kept me thinking abt a whole lot things whenever I heard about some new robot which could do things in an almost human manner. And today I read a piece of news which confirmed to me that my fears were not just that and maybe the EXOSQUAD is something which we humans may end up needing pretty much!!
Well scientists, it certainly is fun to create things. But just make sure they dont end up controlling you instead!! And I certainly hope we have a bunch of soldiers with robotic suits ready at hand!!!

PS: EXOSQUAD was a very well planned animated series. Well received by both viewers and critics.Had a very strong storylline and was not dragged beyond 2 seasons.Those of you who missed it... catch all the episodes of the EXOSQUAD on youtube!!

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  1. nee cartoonum kandu nadanno ingane............