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Monday, March 16, 2009

Some stripes and a triangle

When I mention to people in Kerala that I work at ACS, usually I dont get much of a reaction other than maybe a weird glance. "Just some obscure company with a handful of employees" is inner lying meaning of that glance. Only this "obscure" company is one with more than 6.4 billion $ in turnover and offices in more than a 100 countries!! as if anyone wanted to hear those stats... right??

Maybe once in a while I get to meet someone who has heard of a few companies 'famous' in India, so then usual the weird glance will be replaced witha few questions like;
"No, no ACS"
"Ookkaaayyy... Why didnt you try in Infosys or Wipro or TCS and all? didnt have marks?"
"no... i got here so then i didnt try anywhere else....."
"see what lazy kids will have to settle for if you dont study hard or dont try hard to get into the 'good' companies...blah blah blah blah" :-P

But my colleague recently finally met someone who had atleast seen a couple of ACS cabs zipping through Kochi. He was almost ecstatic at atleast that and then followed a question:
"Isn't ACS something of Asianet??" ....(rofl) he literelly gagged at the suggession!!!
Aww... come on now...I don't even want to think he had a valid point....


  1. anoooo cool down....ini ACS ne patty kettittilla ennu parayunnavarodu nee parayanam "NANTE mookku njaan idichu chammanthi akkum " ennu.... :d

  2. Many think that the ACS cabs are something to do with ACV or Asianet (lol)

    Oru vilayum illla...... alle Anu