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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ABCD - American Born Confused Desi

Went for ABCD yest. Dulquer Salman really is a guy to watch out for. Confidence and poise is what this guy really stands out for and great comic timing! And theres one thing he has, which his dad can only dream of.... being nimble and light footed! He dances like a dream and is great at fight sequences... unlike Mammootty whose feet are made up of lead!

Dulquer has the "clueless-smarty-pants-NRI-guy" act down pat. We saw it in Ustad Hotel and we see it here, though the values the two characters stand for are miles apart. Faizi of Ustad Hotel had dreams and a definite vision of where he was headed to. He was only hindered by the fact that his dad saw a different direction for him. Whereas in ABCD, Johns lives for each day and parties away his life which his father has a really hard time steering in the right direction.

Our dear Girigiri from Akkarakazhchakal has done a neat job (acting) as the bumbling sidekick. But even though he is the one authentic US-settled guy in the movie, his absolutely terrible "american accent" with atrocious levels of MTI is the one glaring fault of the movie. It just sticks out like a sore thumb.

I have lost hope for Innovative Multiplex Marathahalli. It is the one place in Bangalore that has not changed or improved an ounce in the past 4 yrs! Alas I am forced to go there as it is closest to my place and all the latest malayalam movies always have a show there.

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