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Saturday, August 09, 2014

I'm just me... and i'm looking forward!!

I'm always looking forward... not to the future, not the other bank where the grass is always greener, not into the neigbours house to try and keep up with the Joneses; just looking straight ahead to see the direction in which I am moving and occassionally looking down to make sure I am not stepping into a pothole to trip up or a trap to get stuck in. In the small and big strides I take in my walk forward I'm always careful not to trample and tread over others on my way forward. I just side step issues I am not too fond of and occassionally brush aside annoying and hurtful people. I don't have a clear future path or action plan I need to execute in order to achieve a particular future goal. I just take the decision for the best action in the current situation I am in. But one thing I always do is leave a door open for a possible unexpected escape route to minimise my losses in case of an unexpected hitch in my path forward. Dont blame me for being like this its just the way I am wired its not something I became over night and I personally dont hold a torch for anybody who just chooses to judge me without being in my shoes or even thinking from my perspective.
I'm just me... wether you like it or not ....let me just be me!!!

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