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Saturday, May 02, 2015

The Avengers : Age of Ultron

The Avengers : Age of Ultron is a highly polarizing movie. I say this because there are two kinds of people who watch the Marvel movies and for them the reactions are vastly different - 
1) The hard core comic fans + newbie MCU fans : It is kind of EPIC!! Because its like a very long extended trailer referencing the past 7 yrs and hinting at the next 2 decades!!! They know all the hidden meanings, references and inside jokes!!

2) The people who love a sure shot blockbuster and simply an entertaining action movie : It is just a passable watch because the movie jumps straight into a fast paced and adrenalin pumping scene and continues like that non stop. It can get a bit tiring without much witty comebacks and friendly banter. There is no actual down and dirty fighting but just mind numbing FX generated metal crunching for 2.5 hrs!! I suggest waiting for 'MI4: Rogue Nation' which is already promising to be better than MI3: Ghost Protocol! 


I belong to the first category. Im not a comic fan but I love the cinematic experience and so decided to jump face first into the MCU. I got the movie... I really did... what Joss Whedon was trying to put out but some things just didnt sit well with me : 
1) The HULK is the hulk.... hes a gamma ray exposed traumatised monster with serious anger management issues and an understanding of one word directives 'Smash' or 'Destroy'. He is not supposed to be doing mind calming techniques when hes green and romancing the Black Widow as Bruce Banner!! His lip lock was the most awkward and ill timed thing in the movie. 
2) There were only 8 smartass one liners (yes! i was counting) and hardly any of the friendship building witty comebacks and scenes that made the first movie such a remarkably entertaining hit!! Here the characters are all already established and all of them are in the midst of fighting their own battles. 
3) AI means not only Artificial Intelligence but also an alarmingly sadistic and sarcasm filled interpretation of Tony Stark's and Darwin's theory of evolution!! 
4) Robert Downey Jr is starting to show his age despite somehow managing to maintaining his physical upkeep.

Few other points :
1) The person I liked the most was Hawkeye. I know its surprising.... but its true... I hope he gets his own movie someday.
2) Captain America is still the BEST!! Someone please explain to me why Chris Evans isn't number one on the sexiest man on earth list!!!
3) Showing the actual Hulk to Bruce Banner transformation was pretty cool!! 
4) Please tell me Quicksilver is not dead... !! I bet Fury is going to inject him with some GH325 serum and turn him into an Inhuman. 
5) Its already pretty over crowded here and I cant imagine how Avengers : Infinity War (1&2) is going to look like! 
6) I cant wait to see how Agents of SHIELD is gng to play out in the season 2 finale. 

Scene at home last week; precisely 24th April after the FDFS show at Bangalore when a friend posted his review on FB......
Me : (Screeching loudly and shocked about being ignorant about the early worldwide except US release) "How in >¥*#%*>€¥# Gods everloving name did it release in India this week... a whole week ahead of the frigging US of A!!!! Thats the whole point of living here right?!?!"
My Signigicant Other : "Ultoon??" whats that?!?!? 
Im just going to pretend he didnt say that....! 

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